“To write is human. To edit is divine” – Stephen King

The wrong copy can be a brand killer.

The easiest way to de-value your brand is to use copy that looks like a tacked-on afterthought. Avoid embarrassment and let the professionals at Creative Copy Co. correct clangers such as these.

"Creative Copy Co edited our website with such professionalism and efficiency, making the process seamless. We have received a hugely positive response to our website and we believe that the editing played a big part."

Maggie Yarak, Your Legal Partner

We’ll ensure your copy does exactly as it’s intended.

The mark of great copywriting is knowing what’s important and what can go. Editing is vital in shaping copy so that it’s engaging and reads effortlessly. Creative Copy Co. has the skills in editing all communications for structure, content and consistency. We’ll look at, review and correct for:

What you get when you use Creative Copy Co. for editing.

Structural editing

We’ll look at communication objectives, language, structure and content.

Copy editing

We’re all over tone & style, headings, paragraphs and sentence length and more.


Spelling, grammar, punctuation — we’ve got you covered.

Attention to detail

We’re pedantic when it comes to making sure your copy is right the first time.

Reader-friendly formatting

Clear formatting that invites the reader to engage.

Budget-conscious writing

No surprises. You’ll know what you’re spending upfront.