Carol’s Story

Making all the right moves.

Moving up their marketing

Moveon Counselling is passionate about helping people improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. They support people to identify the underlying issue and resolve it in a way that is natural and empowering for clients. Using hypnotherapy, Moveon Counselling empowers from within to heal and help people move on from difficult emotional experiences.

“Holly has been very responsive to my ideas and needs, she is professional but so easy to work with.”

Carol Buchanan, Moveon Counselling

The problem

Their website was outdated, too complicated, hard to find on Google, not attracting potential clients, and needed a complete revamp with fresh, inspiring copy and an easy way to get in contact.

The client also wanted a monthly newsletter sent to previous clients and for potential clients to sign up from the new website.

Our solution

We updated the website and provided fresh, engaging copy which connects emotionally with the target audience.

We have created and now produce every month “Moveon Magazine” which gives previous clients and potential new clients short, informative snippets of information on how they can move on with their life when dealing with various problems such as PTSD, moving on after a cancer diagnosis, how to be less angry, and much more.

Creative Copy Co. also produces monthly blogs that are included on the website that deal with a range of issues and is informative and interesting for both existing and potential clients. We also produce social media posts based on these monthly blogs and have revamped and revitalised a DL flyer.